Michael Napolitano is by far the best attorney to handle any of your business needs.   We had a situation that we needed rectified and he handled it within 24 hours!!  He is extremely friendly, knowledgeable, personable & his assistant is amazing!!  He even shared his sweet bread with us!!

Leslie Silva

Mike Napolitano is straight forward, no nonsense, reliable, caring, compassionate and the ultimate professional.  With an exceptional staff.  he’s very thorough and goes the extra mile for his clients.  Mike makes sure u know and understand all your legal options.  Then he gives u his opinion and some advice.  Setting u up for success regarding all your tax issues.  We want to thank Mike and are very grateful for his expertise, generosity and help in resolving our I.R.S. situation.  Highly recommend Mike Napolitano.

James O'Brien

Michael Napolitano – I just want to thank you for all your hard work helping me with my state tax problems.  Even though we are still fighting this, you make sure I never lose hope.  I would like to thank you again and I would recommend you to anyone who reads this.  Mr. Napolitano takes pride in the work that he does; you couldn’t ask for a better attorney.

Bob Catania

Have known Mike a long time and my family has used him for several different matters.  he is an awesome guy that gets the job done.  I would recommend Mike to anyone.

Jason Stanley

I have used Attorney Michael Napolitano to resolve a problem with the RI Division Of Taxation as well as a very hard tax problem with the IRS. Attorney Napolitano resolved both issues with a very positive and great outcome for us. Just recently I had to ask Attorney Napolitano to handle all the mess created by the untimely death of a family member and once again Attorney Napolitano could not have been nicer and more supportive than he was and at the same time handle all the necessary steps to resolve all that needs to be done in the event of death of a loved one.
I can’t thank Attorney Napolitano enough for what he has done over the years for my family in resolving our tax issues and lately an estate issue.
He is the greatest Attorney we could have picked and above and beyond he is a very nice and caring person. His office secretary Sue is also the nicest person you could ask for.
Greatly recommend Attorney Michael Napolitano for any legal services.

mario branco

OMGosh, I don’t know where to begin.  Since my divorce, I recently found my ex-husband left me with a “little surprise” on my income tax.  I was referred to a Tax Attorney whom I left several messages which never got returned.  I could not wait any longer, so I Googled tax attorneys in my area & found Michael, he returned my call the same day.  What a God send!!  He got me right in to see him, took the time to listen to my situation, looked over all my forms & assured me he was going to take care of everything & I had nothing to worry about, to go home & rest.  Wow! What a genuinely caring individual.  His secretary Suzanne is also such a sweetheart.  They took such a burden off me, they truly are the BEST!!!  I can never thank them enough!  BTW, on my way home from Atty. Napolitano’s office, the other attorney “finally” returned my call…told him I was all set!

Donna P

Mike Napolitano is amazing! A while back I received a letter from the IRS stating I owed a large sum of money for taxes not paid on stocks.  As you can imagine…I was mortified.  First off, there was no way this was possible (I had the paper trail to prove it) and the amount of money – absolutely ridiculous!

I knew I needed a legal tax expert’s help, so got in touch with Mike.  He is awesome! Mike scheduled an appointment to meet promptly, reviewed all of the documentation and he took it from there.  Mike was kind, professional, confident and kept us informed throughout the process.  We just received the response letter from the IRS and they owe us $16!  Go figure!

There are no words to express my gratitude.  I highly recommend Mike Napolitano!  Need help with the IRS or any legal tax matter?  Call him!  It’ll be the best decision you ever make.

– Lynn Almeida


“I contacted Michael about a year ago looking for help with the mess I was in with my taxes.  At the time, I was homeless, unemployed, and blocked by the State of RI from obtaining a driver’s license or owning a vehicle.  Michael was understanding, honest, straight up, and told me what I didn’t want to hear.  I walked out of his office feeling defeated, but also having a faint light at the end of the tunnel I was in.  however, I was confident in the fact that Michael would help me.  After I finally found another job, got myself into an apartment, and started to get back up on my feet – the State of RI sent a Notice of Levy to my employer.  I immediately called Michael and told him my current situation.  I WAS ABOUT TO LOSE EVERYTHING.  Within days, Michael was able to get all my records straightened out with the State of RI, had the levy removed, and was able to get me on a VERY reasonable payment plan with the state which will allow me to continue to move forward and continue to accomplish the things I need to.  Michael is AWESOME!!!  I recommend him to anyone who is having a problem with their taxes.  if he tells you something that you don’t want to hear, he is only telling you those things for your own benefit.  Out of all the attorneys I could have picked, I thank God that I chose Michael to help me.”

Felicia M. Kowal


“The best Tax attorney in RI  I have come to Michael in regards to tax issues and a levy on my pay checks.  Michael had the levy lifted in 4 days and helped me get things right with the IRS.  Michael is personable, quick witted and matter of fact.  He returns calls in an expeditious manner and is the most results-driven attorney I have ever seen.  I am glad to have found an attorney who not only is excellent and results-driven, but seems to truly care about helping people.”

-Joey Gendron


Just wanted to let everyone know that Michael Napolitano is a no frills lawyer, he followed thru with ewverything he said he would, and had great communication with us.  He made us feel very comfortable at opur meeting, and I would highly recommend him to anyone for his services.

Wayne Johnson

I just wanted to comment on the Law Office of Michael T Napolitano, and what he has done for me & my family.  My wife was diagnosed with ALS back in 2012.  This disease is a very rapid one; before I knew it my wife was developing symptoms like loss of speech and movement in her hand and legs.  She was unable to sign documents, pay bills and just talk on the phone.  It came to a point where I needed to step in and help her, and this is where the Law Office of Michael T Napolitano & team came to my rescue.  I needed Power of Attorney to help her pay her bills and access her accounts.  The Law Office of Michael T Napolitano helped me with this situation.  They were able to get everything done in a timely manner.  I could never be happier with the attention and devotion that he gave to my wife & myself in the circumstances that we were going through.  I would recommend the Law Office of Michael T Napolitano to anyone who is in need of help with a loved one, who is looking for a consultation or just needs some good advice.  This law firm really does care about you as a person and your family as well.

Joseph Mosca

Mr. Napolitano walked me through the entire legal process and gave me all the facts.  In addition to being extremely compassionate, he knows his stuff.  Mr. Napolitano was my advocate, voice of reason, fought hard, didn’t back down, and got me what was fair and just.  I can’t thank him enough.

Allegra DiMeo

Mike is honest, trustworthy, hardworking and exhibits a wealth of knowledge concerning legal issues.  He openly shares information and cares about his clients.  I know as I have retained Mike on numerous occasions and referred him to many family members and friends.  I have used his expertise in many legal venues and he not only watches out for you, but walks you through every step, taking the time to explain the process as you go.  it is comfortable talking with him, he is very understanding and patient while listening to a situation, and very generous with his time.  I was looking for an attorney with whom I could communicate easily, that was willing to listen to what I wanted, but who also had the “fire power” to fight for me.  Mike is this guy!  He is extremely knowledgeable, professional and has the experience needed to ensure success.  I highly recommend his law firm.

Mary Parrillo

Great lawyer and former mayor; he worked with us for years and he’s been a wonderful help.  he is also a great civil servant of Cranston.  I hope he runs for mayor again!

Dhamagosnaram Buddhist Temple of RI

The best in the business.  I wouldn’t trust my tax matters to anyone else.  Highly recommended.

Eric Covino

I have known Michael Napolitano for years and he is a great guy as well as a lawyer and tax attorney.  He has handled things with professionalism.  I have referred family and friends to him, the best attorney I know.

Frank Bert

Michael was amazing! Any legal issues I need help with in the future I definitely will use him.  He helped me out greatly and I would recommend him to anyone that needed help.

Robert Rowan

I went to Atty Napolitano at the advice of someone he had previously helped.  In addition to the fear of dealing with the IRS, the Agency itself does nothing to help you maneuver through its maze of ever changing departments and regulations.  With Atty Napolitano’s knowledge and experience, he was able to negotiate my case for an Offer in Compromise, which the IRS has now accepted.  I would recommend Atty Napolitano.  Thank you, Mike!!

Trina Maura

Receiving a letter from the IRS is absolutely TERRIFYING!! I searched the internet for a local tax attorney for representation.  THANKFULLY, I came across Michael Napolitano’s website.  From the second I met him, crying and scared to death, he assured me all would work out and be OK.  I knew he truly cared about my case and would do whatever he could to resolve the matter as quickly and painlessly for me as possible.  AND HE DID!!!  6 weeks later all is over and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome!!! I have my life back!  I cannot thank Michael enough for the help and ease of mind he has given me.  If you find yourself in need of a tax attorney, look no further!  Michael Napolitano is the person you need on your side!!  THANK YOU AGAIN, MICHAEL!

Laurie Pina

Mike Napolitano successfully handled a very complicated family matter for me in a very professional and caring manner for which I will always be grateful.

Bina Gehres

My husband and I had a problem with the Internal Revenue Service and we sought the help of Michael Napolitano.

Michael came to our home on several occasions because my husband was very ill. He accommodated us in every respect and he was so compassionate and helpful. He made us not worry, and he obtained a wonderful resolution. He continues to work on the matter ’til this day to finalize my result since my circumstances have changed. Unfortunately, my husband died and Mike had to revise the agreement with the IRS. He did the additional work and didn’t charge me extra. His fees were very reasonable.

I knew I had a good lawyer when he went to the hospital to meet my daughter and myself.

Simply the best. Highly recommended.

Rina Holtzman

Mr. Napolitano has been my attorney for many years.  He has represented me in setting up trusts, wills and has completed my tax return for many years.  He has also represented me in several cases and has been an outstanding attorney.  I have recommended him to family and friends who have been totally satisfied.  I will continue to use his services for years to come.

Cathy Crimaldi

I’ve met a lot of attorneys over the years, but I can honestly say without a reasonable doubt, Michael Napolitano absolutely cares for his clients.  he is extremely thorough and diligent, he will give you personal attention and get the results you need for any situation that would put you in need of an attorney.  This guy called me on the weekends and personally picked me up in his own vehicle, brought me to our appointment and helped me through one of the most difficult times in my adult life.  You will not find a more professional, experienced advocate to represent you or your family in a legal matter than Michael Napolitano.

Rich King

Although my situation was very complex and stressful, he always made me feel that he had things under control.  He was professional, kind and always there for me when I had a question.  Michael did an excellent job and I will use him any time I have legal issues.

Alketa Mezini Xhupi

I needed a lawyer who would get things done… I met with Attorney Napolitano and he made me a priority and within 2 weeks he made things happen!  Thank you for your professionalism and kindness!

Melanie Aldrich

I have dealt with many attorneys over the years; you will not find a more compassionate, tough and knowledgeable attorney than Michael Napolitano.  As soon as I met him and we discussed my tax issue, he put me at ease and I knew the outcome would be what I was looking for.  do yourself a favor, let the best in the business handle your case.  you can’t afford not to.  Thank you, Mike, for everything you have done for me.  You are the best.

Michael Rollo, Jr.

I didn’t know what to expect when first meeting with Mike.  Lets face it, none of us really want to be sitting toe to toe with a tax attorney.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I can honestly say that I have never met such a kind-hearted, compassionate man who truly loves what he does for a living and will fight tooth and nail for the rights of his clients.  Mike has gone above and beyond for me.  I walked in skeptical and walked out with my affairs in order and a life-long friend.

Dana Peretti

Michael Napolitano was effective in my child support case. He went out of his way to ensure that my children received their support from their father.  We went to court almost on a monthly basis and he was so effective that even the judge commented on how thorough he was.  I will use him again in any legal matters that I may have in the future.


Mike is honest, trustworthy, hardworking and exhibits a wealth of knowledge concerning legal issues.  He openly shares information and cares about his clients.  I know as I have retained Mike on numerous occasions and referred him to many family members and friends.  I have used his expertise in many legal venues and he not only watches out for you, but walks you through every step, taking the time to explain the process as you go.  it is comfortable talking with him, he is very understanding and patient.


He is a dedicated lawyer who goes out of his way to provide the best of his services.  He is honest and caring.


He is a very caring man, an excellent lawyer who cares very much about people and is very kind, generous and helpful.


Michael is, in my opinion, a very good attorney.  He has helped us tremendously.  He has done our wills, trusts, taxation, two real estate transactions, landlord/tenant problems, and divorce.  He is very knowledgeable in many areas of the law.  He is always there and always a phone call away.  He has been our attorney for over 20 years & has never steered us wrong about anything.


Mike is an excellent tax and estate attorney.  He is always available to return phone calls.  He has helped our family and myself through many tax issues and he also helped us plan our estate.  He just recently helped a family member with the IRS.

Donald M.

There are not enough “thank you’s” I can give to Attorney Michael T. Napolitano. Since the early 1990’s to this day, Michael T. Napolitano, Esq, has been my go to attorney for all legal issues and legal questions I have. Whether it was for tax issues: federal or multi-tax, tax filings federal and multi-state, estate planning: trusts and wills, financial planning, corporate filings, other family matters. Attorney Napolitano has always given great time and efforts to all my legal matters: through his vast knowledge, expertise with a true “fight for his client” trait. I have sent many family and friends to Attorney Napolitano for their individual legal needs, some for estate and financial planning, others for tax related issues and others for personal injury cases or other civil matters. As far as I am concerned and those who I have recommended to Attorney Napolitano, HE IS the best legal eagle in Rhode Island. Attorney Napolitano continues to represent me to this day with several ongoing cases. My trust is with him completely and fully, his advice is wise and always on target. If you want to be genuinely represented in all your legal matters by a true professional, who ‘looks out for your best interest”, become a client of Michael T. Napolitano’s.

Lu Erickson

I often heard the stories of people who found themselves having to coordinate so many decisions relating to finding an appropriate nursing home or perhaps an assisted living facility for a family member. Well, those stories became a reality for me when I found myself in that exact situation… At some point in this confusing and often frustrating process, I came to realize that I needed help.  I needed someone who understood the legal aspects, but also who could listen and understand my personal situation.  I had the tremendous good fortune to become aware of an individual who has helped so many in these types of matters.  I cannot say enough good things about Attorney Michael T. Napolitano who has the legal knowledge, the experience and the skillful expertise to apply that knowledge.  He had the patience and the compassion to both listen and recognize what I needed.  I wholeheartedly recommend Attorney Michael T. Napolitano.  Thanks again Mike for all your help.

Carole Orabona

I David Greaves was referred to Attorney Michael Napolitano approximately five years ago and I am completely satisfied with all his work performed. Mr. Napolitano goes above and beyond every other attorney I have dealt with in the past. Mr. Napolitano has gone as far as coming to my place of business to better accommodate me. I will be referring him to other people and businesses in the future.

David GreavesPhilip Maxwell Auto Rental

Northeast Auto Sales has been doing business with Attorney Michael Napolitano for several years. Mr. Napolitano has made several legal transactions with our company and we are completely satisfied with his work. Mr. Napolitano has been there for our company always, and we compliment himself and his staff. Northeast Auto Sales will be using Mr. Napolitano and will be referring him to anyone who needs legal help.

Richard NortardonatoNortheast Auto Sales