Dawn Machado

Attorney Michael Napolitano has been very professional and extremely responsive.  This attorney cares about you and personally calls you back!  he was able to get a reasonable negotiation worked out in a short time.  Thank You Mr. Napolitano!

Brian Rodriguez

Best lawyer I’ve ever dealt with went to him with an emergency situation the state of mass want to take my license and my whole paycheck went to Michael with under a few days he stopped them from taking my license and got me into payments.  Every time I called he was right on the situation and felt bad for my situation and basically charged my nothing said to me merry Christmas

Barbara D

I contacted Michael Napolitano due to ongoing issues with IRS.  I had received notice that the IRS was going to put levies on our Social Security.  I was scared and anxious about this possibility.  I called Michael’s office and met with him that day.  He proceeded to go to IRS in person to discuss the levies and was successful on stopping the garnishment.  When he called me and told me I was amazed at his responsiveness and diligence.  He continued working with us and able to negotiate a payment plan that was very affordable.  He spent hours on the phone (on hold, getting disconnected) and at the IRS office.  He was generous with his fee despite the amount of time he spent helping us.  I feel blessed and grateful to have had Mr. Michael Napolitano as our lawyer.

Donna A

Calling Attorney Michael Napolitano was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  After trying to resolve an IRS issue on my own I realized that I neededf help.  Attorney Napolitano reviewed the material I gave him and got right to work resolving the issue.  I can’t say enough about what a wonderful attorney and person he is.

Maria P.

Michael is an excellent attorney.  Represented my family in various matters.  He’s very personable and knowledgeable.  I would highly recommend him for all your legal and tax needs.