There are not enough “thank you’s” I can give to Attorney Michael T. Napolitano. Since the early 1990’s to this day, Michael T. Napolitano, Esq, has been my go to attorney for all legal issues and legal questions I have. Whether it was for tax issues: federal or multi-tax, tax filings federal and multi-state, estate planning: trusts and wills, financial planning, corporate filings, other family matters. Attorney Napolitano has always given great time and efforts to all my legal matters: through his vast knowledge, expertise with a true “fight for his client” trait. I have sent many family and friends to Attorney Napolitano for their individual legal needs, some for estate and financial planning, others for tax related issues and others for personal injury cases or other civil matters. As far as I am concerned and those who I have recommended to Attorney Napolitano, HE IS the best legal eagle in Rhode Island. Attorney Napolitano continues to represent me to this day with several ongoing cases. My trust is with him completely and fully, his advice is wise and always on target. If you want to be genuinely represented in all your legal matters by a true professional, who ‘looks out for your best interest”, become a client of Michael T. Napolitano’s.

Lu Erickson