I had made a call to Michael’s office approx 9:30am, and I asked for Michael.  I was told that he was in with a client and that when he was finished she would have Michael call me back.  Around 10:15am I received a call from Michael and I had explained why I had called.  He asked if I had the paperwork for what I was asking of him.  I told him I did.  He then asked me if I could drop it off to him to look at.  I went by and dropped off the paperwork.  Michael looked at the paperwork, asked a few questions and then told me that he would see what can be done.  I then received a second call from Michael I would say around 11:30am he asked me a couple of other questions.  Michael then told me that he would get back to me by 3:00p;m that day to let me know the outcome.  Well 3:00pm came and no phone call but by 3:10pm Michael did call.  He informed me oif the outcome and instructed me as to what to do.  I followed his instructions and the problem was solved.  Muichael listened to what I had asked, informed me that he would do what he can and by 3:10pm my problem had disappeared.  I can not say enough about how I was treated and the communications.  It was a pleasure and if I have any other situations where I need legal council I know where I am going.  Cranston St. in Cranston.  Thank you Michael.

Lou Ranieri