I just wanted to comment on the Law Office of Michael T Napolitano, and what he has done for me & my family.  My wife was diagnosed with ALS back in 2012.  This disease is a very rapid one; before I knew it my wife was developing symptoms like loss of speech and movement in her hand and legs.  She was unable to sign documents, pay bills and just talk on the phone.  It came to a point where I needed to step in and help her, and this is where the Law Office of Michael T Napolitano & team came to my rescue.  I needed Power of Attorney to help her pay her bills and access her accounts.  The Law Office of Michael T Napolitano helped me with this situation.  They were able to get everything done in a timely manner.  I could never be happier with the attention and devotion that he gave to my wife & myself in the circumstances that we were going through.  I would recommend the Law Office of Michael T Napolitano to anyone who is in need of help with a loved one, who is looking for a consultation or just needs some good advice.  This law firm really does care about you as a person and your family as well.

Joseph Mosca