I often heard the stories of people who found themselves having to coordinate so many decisions relating to finding an appropriate nursing home or perhaps an assisted living facility for a family member. Well, those stories became a reality for me when I found myself in that exact situation… At some point in this confusing and often frustrating process, I came to realize that I needed help.  I needed someone who understood the legal aspects, but also who could listen and understand my personal situation.  I had the tremendous good fortune to become aware of an individual who has helped so many in these types of matters.  I cannot say enough good things about Attorney Michael T. Napolitano who has the legal knowledge, the experience and the skillful expertise to apply that knowledge.  He had the patience and the compassion to both listen and recognize what I needed.  I wholeheartedly recommend Attorney Michael T. Napolitano.  Thanks again Mike for all your help.

Carole Orabona