If you have been notified that you are the subject of an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax audit, retaining professional legal assistance is important to protecting your rights and achieving the best result. At the law office of Michael T Napolitano, we provide aggressive and knowledgeable representation in IRS audits and appeals. Based in Cranston, our firm represents taxpayers across Rhode Island.

Mr. Napolitano has been a practicing attorney since 1981, with an emphasis on tax law, estate planning and elder law. Over this time, he has developed a thorough understanding of individual and corporate tax laws, as well as extensive experience negotiating resolutions with the IRS or other taxing authorities.

An increase in the number of individuals who owe back taxes has spawned the emergence of so-called “tax resolution” businesses. These companies claim to be able to settle tax issues with the government for “pennies on the dollar.” More often than not, they take an upfront payment and never resolve a thing. Their clients are out thousands of dollars and now owe the IRS even more in penalties and interest.

Legal Representation You Can Rely On

Our law firm has a decades-long history of producing real results for individuals and businesses involved in tax disputes. We handle all communication with the authorities for you.

An examination usually begins when you are notified that your return has been selected. The IRS will tell you which records you will need. The examination can proceed more easily if you gather your records before any interview.

Some examinations can be handled entirely by mail. Examinations not handled by mail can take place in your home, your place of business, an IRS office or the office of your lawyer. The IRS determines when, where and how the examination takes place.

An audit has three possible outcomes:

  • No change means the IRS has approved your original tax return and no further action is necessary.
  • Agreed means you agree with the proposed changes from the IRS and will pay any additional taxes owed plus interest and penalties.
  • Disagreed means the IRS has proposed changes that you disagree with and you wish to appeal the proposed changes.

At the law firm of Michael T Napolitano, we will be candid about what to expect in the process. We will help you organize and review your tax records in order to identify any possible errors before meeting with the IRS. We will provide the auditor only the information that is required, and we will work diligently to minimize any tax liability and penalties you may owe.

If you disagree with the results of your audit, we can help you pursue an audit reconsideration and IRS appeal. As a licensed attorney, Mr. Napolitano can also represent you in U.S. Tax Court.

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