Before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) takes any enforced collection action against an individual or business, it will contact that party to give them a chance to voluntarily pay what is owed. At the law firm of Michael T Napolitano in Cranston, Rhode Island, we assist individuals and businesses in reducing and resolving tax liabilities with the Internal Revenue Service and Rhode Island tax authorities.

Our knowledgeable and experienced tax lawyer works to develop solutions to tax problems that help our clients save money and move beyond the stress of dealing with tax debt.

Mr. Napolitano works directly with every client to find the best possible solution. We understand the need to stand firm against IRS officials in certain situations, and we do not hesitate to do so when it is in a client’s best interest.

In other instances, Mr. Napolitano helps clients reach an agreement with the IRS that allows them to pay less than the full amount they owe. We always aim to resolve our clients’ tax situation as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We assist individuals and businesses in the full spectrum of tax law, including:

Think Of Us As A Cost Savings

It’s really rather simple: In large and small cases, we save our clients significantly more money than they pay for our services.

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